Toxicology Testing for Hospitals

End-to-End Toxicology Screening and Confirmation Testing

The patients you treat for prescription drug monitoring, behavioral health and addiction management are all different populations, but the medications each group takes often overlap. 

While your hospital may screen for specific drugs to ensure safety—especially in your ER department—you may not have the expansive test selection, confirmation equipment, highly trained personnel or toxicology expertise required to keep up with today’s ever-changing landscape of prescription and illicit drug use.

With DRUGSCAN, you get the robust testing menu and testing accuracy you need. You can perform screening tests using urine or oral fluids. And if you have questions about interpreting test results, you can call our Toxicology Hotline to speak to one of our board-certified toxicologists.

Why Build Testing Services When You Can Buy?

The confirmation testing that must follow presumptive-positive screens requires significant capital investments in testing equipment and technology and highly trained and in-demand personnel. With the efficient, accurate and end-to-end toxicology testing services DRUGSCAN offers, why build out your own services when you can buy? 

  • DRUGSCAN provides confirmation testing using liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). 
  • Our fully trained staff confirms results faster than large, national laboratories.
  • Choose from an extensive test menu, including tests for synthetic drugs.
  • Order screening and/or confirmation panels—we can do it all for you.
  • We offer integration for physician practices and hospital testing.
  • Many EMR interfaces (including 17 Live EPIC interfaces) are available.
  • eReq is available for your locations without EMR access.
  • Our convenient online Client Portal lets you view patient results online.
  • Easy-to-interpret reports include clinical comments and detection times.
  • Our Toxicology Hotline gives you direct access to one of our board-certified toxicologists
  • Management reports for comparison to your physician practices or to DRUGSCAN’s population base are also available.