DRUGSCAN is a leader in conducting in vitro manipulation and extractions studies for abuse-deterrent products

DRUGSCAN has successfully worked with many of the leading abuse-deterrent product developers in the US and around the world. We understand CII drug development, tight timelines and the need for robust label claims for your product. And that is why you should consider us for all your Category 1 needs.

We are your research partner from initial study design to data submission

  • DRUGSCAN designs and executes CAT.one in vitro laboratory assessment studies in accordance with the FDA innovator and generic guidance
  • DRUGSCAN CAT.one scientists have the capabilities and expertise to simulate physical and chemical manipulations using household tools or experienced abuser’s techniques including crushing, extractability, syringe-ability, smoke-ability, purification of active ingredients, and dose dumping
  • Studies are conducted under rigorous scientific, regulated and good clinical laboratory practice (GLP) policies and procedures
  • We are innovators in developing new in vitro abuse-deterrent testing methods
  • DRUGSCAN’s extensive analytical services are supported by state-of-the–art technology and instrumentation

To learn more about DRUGSCAN’s CAT.one in vitro manipulation and extraction studies, please call 800-235-4890 or submit this form