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prescription drug monitoring

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Drug testing services to help you take the best care of your patients

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Drug testing services to help you take the best care of your patients

Whether you’re a private physician or working in a medical practice within a large hospital system, DRUGSCAN offers you testing services and support to help you make critical decisions, quickly and efficiently. We’ll partner with you to help monitor your patients’ health and safety. It’s what we call responsive toxicology.


DRUGSCAN provides smarter drug testing for more confident patient care. That’s because our toxicology testing offers greater sensitivity at lower cutoffs for better accuracy, whether you choose from urine drug testing (UDT) or oral fluids testing (OFT).


DRUGSCAN Offers You:

A wide range of tests

Standard panels, single tests and custom panels are available


Strict compliance with legal, ethical and regulatory obligations

DRUGSCAN performs mandatory and voluntary proficiency programs


Fast turnaround time (TAT)

Upon receipt of specimens, 98 percent of results are available in 24 – 48 hours


Easy-to-interpret reports

They’re color-coded so that you can see how each patient is doing in seconds


Direct access to expertise

By calling our Toxicology Hotline, you can speak directly with one of our board-certified toxicologists for help with interpreting test results


Personalized customer care

from ordering supplies to billing questions, expect fast, friendly and knowledgeable service, with a real person who answers the phone.


Convenient online tools

DRUGSCAN offers simple electronic solutions to order tests, check results and run reports.

Extensive insurance contracts with national, regional, and local payers

these help to minimize costs for your patients.

Easy Patient Monitoring

Your patients need pain relief, but prescription drug misuse and abuse are widespread, which makes your job more difficult. Drug diversion has become a major contributor to the opioid crisis. Plus, patient noncompliance is common, and for reasons that you might not always expect:
number one
Patients generally want to please their healthcare providers, so they often won’t talk about their noncompliance.
number two
Uncomfortable side effects could be among the reasons your patients aren’t taking their medications as prescribed.
number three
Family members or a caregiver could be substituting other medications for your patient’s prescribed drugs, then giving the pills to others or even selling them on the street.

Choose from Urine or Oral Fluids Testing

Medication monitoring via urine immunoassays or oral fluids is the way to make sure your patients are taking their meds as prescribed.
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Oral fluids testing available for patients unable to void.
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Confirmation for positive results is done via LC-MS/MS for accuracy.
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Order tests and receive results via DRUGSCAN’s secure online Provider Portal, bi-directional EMR integration or fax.
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If results show that the prescribed drug(s) aren’t in their system, this is an opportunity to talk with patients about their medication regimen.
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