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It's Responsive Toxicology

Accuracy and customer service are the top priorities at DRUGSCAN. We offer you trusted drug testing technologies that detect specific and designer drugs, using urine and oral fluid testing platforms to accommodate your—and your patients’—needs. 

  • Choose from a wide menu of test options, including custom panels.
  • Our tests are more sensitive so that they detect drugs at low-level cut-offs. 
  • Our turnaround time (TAT) for test results is second to none. 
  • DRUGSCAN test reports are so good, they’re copyrighted. Color coding and “stoplight” technology lets you read a report in seconds.
  • Unlike many other laboratories, our experienced, PhD board-certified toxicologists are available for consultation when you have questions about test interpretation.

We can help you keep your patients safe and your practice compliant. Count on DRUGSCAN for the experience and technology you need so that you can treat patients with confidence.

Why Monitor Your Patients with Drug Testing?

If you’re monitoring patients for prescription drug use, periodic testing helps you determine whether each patient is taking their medications per their treatment plan. Drug testing will also tell if they’re substituting other medications or even illicit substances. The test report gives you another opportunity for a conversation with your patient.

If you’re treating patients for addiction, DRUGSCAN testing services can allow you to confidently determine whether patients have completed their detoxification and are ready for the next step in their rehabilitation plan.


  • More than 35 years of toxicology leadership
  • CAP-accredited and SAMHSA-certified laboratory
  • Participation in mandatory and voluntary proficiency testing
  • PhD board-certified toxicologists on staff 


  • Rapid Report technology for daily, easy-to-interpret reports via our secure online portal
  • Reporting with options to include up to the last five patient results to help you monitor compliance and progress
  • Advanced compliance reports available to identify trends or patterns within or across practices
  • Toxicology Hotline to speak directly to a toxicologist for help with test results
  • Simple and reasonable billing practices so patients can focus on their recovery
  • End-to-end support, from getting started to answering your testing, service or billing questions


  • Customizable requisitions to order the testing you need for each patient
  • Standard panels, single tests and customizable panel options for your practice
  • Direct assay for opioids and benzodiazepines to expedite testing and provide the right levels of accuracy
  • Copyrighted, color-coded reports in 15 different formats to meet your preferences
  • Relationships with insurers and managed care organizations throughout the country to maximize patient benefits and limit out-of-pocket costs


  • Low-level detection for hundreds of prescription medications, illicit drugs and illegal designer drugs, including synthetic marijuana and stimulants
  • Advanced testing platforms, including LC-MS/MS, LDTD and GS/MS
  • Laboratory in operation 24/7
  • All tests run daily 
  • Upon receipt of specimens, 98 percent of results reported in 24 – 48 hours

Our Leadership

  • brian wright

    Brian Wright

    President | ACM, DRUGSCAN, and DSI Medical

  • Anthony Costantino

    Anthony G. Costantino, PhD, F-ABFT

    President | DRUGSCAN

  • mike rominiecki

    Mike Rominiecki

    Senior Vice President, Business Development

  • Deb Motika portrait

    Deborah Motika

    Senior Vice President Toxicologist

Part of ACM Global Laboratories

DRUGSCAN is part of ACM Global Laboratories, an affiliate of Rochester Regional Health, and one of the largest global independent central labs in the industry. ACM is certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The company delivers high-quality laboratory testing and diagnostic lab services in support of both clinical trials research, toxicology and individual patient care.

ACM provides a powerful combination of operational excellence, scientific expertise and unsurpassed global service to customers in more than 65 countries. ACM performs more than 30 million laboratory tests each year—spanning all medical disciplines including pathology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, toxicology and more.


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