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Better Reports for Confident Care

Better Reports for Confident Care

Our color-coded toxicology reports make it easy to see how your patients are doing in seconds. DRUGSCAN reports feature copyrighted stoplight” technology, with information in bright red, green and yellow, so that you can see at a glance if your patients are complying with their medication regimen, or if theyre taking unprescribed medications or illicit drugs.

  • All reports specify the specimen’s validity if ordered.
  • Reports with clinical comments also include detection times.
  • For drug testing from urine specimens, you can also request to see creatinine normalization with graphing.
  • Choose from 15 report formats, from basic to formats with detailed notes, all based on your preference.
  • DRUGSCAN reports include longitudinal patient results history with up to the last five drug test results to help you track your patients’ progress.
  • Get test results via DRUGSCAN’s secure online Client Portal, bi-directional EMR integration or fax.
  • Faster, easier reporting helps you provide more fully informed and confident care for your patients.

A Portal to Makes Managing Your Drug Testing Even Easier

The DRUGSCAN Client Portal allows you to organize your work more quickly and easily. Instead of using paper forms, order tests and see results online and manage your patient workload—all with one login.

Using our DRUGSCAN Client Portal also lets you:

  • See all the patients that were tested each week.
  • View a specific date for patient test results or all their results, using just their last name
  • Sort reports to see specific groups of patients within your practice
  • Access management reports to spot trends in drug use and medication compliance

Our secure Client Portal can also provide you with a Rapid Report for a clinical snapshot—especially useful for providers who are monitoring patients for addiction treatment.

Use our Rapid Report technology to:

  • Prepare for patient visits, with the facts to include in conversations
  • Quickly identify compliance challenges and determine next steps in treatment
  • Determine the medication monitoring needs of your practice
  • Better understand compliance across a subset of patients in a specified timeframe