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Hospital & Reference Lab Services

Toxicology Screening & Confirmation for Hospital and Reference Labs

Responsive screening and confirmation testing services

DRUGSCAN offers hospitals and reference laboratories a wider range of laboratory-developed tests for toxicology screening that detect more substances with much faster turnaround time (TAT) than other large, national laboratories. We can also make your toxicology testing processes more efficient while delivering the accurate test results you need to ensure better patient care. 

Whether you’re an administrator for a hospital system, a large network of physician practices or an independent lab that could benefit from confirmation testing and additional toxicology screening expertise, DRUGSCAN will partner with you to deliver the accurate drug testing you need, quickly and affordably.

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DRUGSCAN Services Benefit Patient Care

DRUGSCAN toxicology testing offers greater sensitivity at lower cutoffs for better accuracy so that clinicians can treat patients confidently, whether they choose from urine drug testing (UDT) or oral fluid testing (OFT). With more than 35 years of toxicology experience, we offer you:

  • A wide range of tests—standard panels, single tests and custom panels are available.
  • Laboratory-developed tests that detect substances commercial tests often can’t identify.
  • Fast turnaround time (TAT)—upon receipt of specimens, 98 percent of results are reported in 24 – 48 hours.
  • Efficient test ordering and results—use a bidirectional interface or DRUGSCAN’s convenient Client Portal to order tests, view results and print PDFs.
  • Complete logistics coordination—we’ll arrange for all specimen pick-ups at your designated locations.
  • Direct access to expertise—by calling our Toxicology Hotline, you can speak directly with one of our PhD board-certified toxicologists for help with interpreting test results.
  • Personalized customer care—from ordering supplies to billing questions, expect fast, friendly and knowledgeable service, from a live person who answers the phone.

DRUGSCAN Offers You Clinical Excellence and Quality Assurance

Founded in 1985, DRUGSCAN became an ACM Global Laboratory in 2017, and is one of very few toxicology laboratories in the country that is run by PhD board-certified toxicologists. 

  • Our CAP-accredited and SAMHSA- and CLIA-certified lab operates 24/7. 
  • All testing is performed in-house
  • Our quality assurance proficiency rating is 99.72 percent. 

In addition, DRUGSCAN is a Center of Excellence and a leader in conducting in vitro manipulation and extraction studies to satisfy Category 1 in the FDA’s guidance for innovator and generic formulations. 

Working with major abuse-deterrent product developers around the world, we’ve submitted more Category 1 study data to the FDA than any other standalone laboratory in the U.S. We share the knowledge we acquire with our customers to help them stay current on prescription and illicit drug use.

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